R&D Department

R&D Department

Format is a company that has been operating in the metalworking industry for many years. Nowadays, we act not only as a service provider or product supplier but also as a specialist in new technologies. This is possible thanks to our research and development department. The conclusions that the specialists there manage to reach are extremely helpful to our company, to the implementation of tools, to the monitoring of effects and to drawing conclusions for future projects. This makes our offer even more attractive and gives our customers access to high-quality services and world-class products.

These are the focus of Format engineers:

  • designing and manufacturing tools for metal sheet bending,
  • designing and developing die cutting technologies,
  • implementing innovative solutions of metal sheet roll forming and profile bending,
  • manufacturing tools divided into short series using production waste,
  • preparation of designs and technologies of moulds, stamping dies, blanking dies, benders of all kinds.

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