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Cutting Sheet Metal Plates
Cutting Sheet Metal Plates

Another of our services is sheet metal bending. We do it using a bending machine L = 14,000. The work consists of the plastic forming of elements in such a way as to give them a specific shape, size and features. For sure, this would not be possible without technologically advanced equipment operated by our experienced team of specialists. This makes it possible to efficiently carry out all tasks, even the more demanding ones, where we focus on faithful reproduction of computer designs.

Why is it worth ordering the sheet metal bending service? In many cases, it will turn out to be the best option for preparing workpieces for further processing because:

  • it is done at a very good speed and the parts are ready for further processing or use in a short time
  • the machine movements are highly precise and so they make it possible to reproduce the parts from the design very accurately
  • the workpieces obtained in such a way have very repeatable shapes, so it is applicable in serial production
  • it enables cost optimisation
  • it significantly accelerates and improves the implementation of processes in your company

Instead of creating from scratch or modernising the machine park on your own, you can outsource it to us. Outsourcing services in the metalworking industry is common and brings numerous benefits, on the condition that you work with a trusted subcontractor. We will be happy to support you in your tasks by providing a top-quality sheet metal bending service!

Modern Bending Technologies

We use modern machines and technology in our sheet metal bending tasks. This is possible because we have our extensive park, including the largest bending machine in Poland – 14 metres with a pressure of as much as 2,000 tons! This makes it possible to successfully bend wear-resistant materials, hardox, durostat.

So that we can carry out our customers’ orders, we make sure that the entire process is correct from the creation of the design to its execution. This is done in three stages:

  • creation of a CAD design
  • processing the design so that it can be operated by a CAM machine
  • making the workpieces based on the design

We consult with you on the process each time, providing information on the progress. We listen to the needs of the customers, and then to their opinions on the delivered products. This way we know that our actions are appreciated. We look forward to working with you!

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