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Oxygen plasma cutting
Plasma and oxygen cutting

One of the metalworking methods we use is oxygen plasma cutting. This is a highly concentrated process based on the electric arc generated, which leads to the melting of the material. We have powerful equipment that makes it possible to precisely cut even very difficult to machine parts from high-alloy steel, aluminium and cast iron. To achieve optimum results, we use oxygen and reliable mixtures in the right proportions. Altogether, this allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our services and significantly shorten the time for completion of each order.

Trust our experience

We are a team of professionals that has been processing metal using various methods for many years. What is important for us:

  • work timeliness – quick and efficient execution
  • high precision – an accurate representation of the workpieces in line with the design (supplied or prepared by us)
  • high quality of the workpieces
  • exceptional aesthetics – neatly finished edges, holes.

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