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We offer our customers metal sheet machining services. Machining is a process that makes it possible to cut extremely precise elements to a specific size, giving them the desired form. In this way, we can execute both single and serial orders – the latter is very popular because of its excellent work speed and high efficiency.

Format has an extensive, high-tech machine park. It consists of machines with large working scope making it possible to machine even large workpieces with maximum accuracy, care and precision. We assign our best specialists to operate the machines – with years of experience in the industry, focused on modern solutions.

Modern CNC machine tools at Format

We have modern CNC machine tools. We use 3D CAD-CAM programs, making it possible to optimise the production of punches and bending dies, but also their recovery. This enables us to manufacture:

  • moulds, stamping dies, punches, dies, prisms for hydraulic eccentric presses,
  • and technological solutions adapted to the customer's needs.

Here are the devices we have at Format:


  • HAAS VF5 X1270mm Y660mm Z635mm -2pcs
  • HAAS VF3 SS X1016mm Y508mm Z635mm


  • HAAS ST30
    • Grip size 254mm
    • Spindle clearance 76mm
    • Z-axis travel 660mm
    • X-axis travel 318mm
    • Maximum turning diameter 533mm


  • X300mm Y180mm Z100mm


  • Ecometal M7170NC X1250mm Y700mm
  • Proma PBP-400FAI X1000mm Y300mm

Machining methods

To best fulfil customer orders, we provide machining in two ways:

  • CNC milling,
  • CNC turning.

Our specialists will help you compare the various processes and choose the best machining method. Contact us if you need technical support and you will receive it from Format's experienced professionals.

CNC Milling

During machining, we separate unnecessary layers of material from the workpiece, giving it the desired shape and size. The blades move to machine the workpiece, which is locked in place. This is how we machine brass, steel, aluminium and plastics – on a flat surface.

CNC turning

Machining is carried out using a professional lathe. During machining, the object is set in motion, and the cutting tool machines it moving in a straight line.

Using the potential offered by machining, we manufacture tools and accessories in steel, polyamide and other raw materials. We have extensive experience in manufacturing

  • moulds
  • stamping dies
  • punches
  • dies
  • prisms for hydraulic eccentric presses

The needs of our customers are very diverse, and therefore we guarantee individual technological development for each project. This way, we can achieve the results you expect!

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