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When it is necessary to clean the metal of dirt, paint or varnish residues precisely, we recommend shot-blasting. This service consists in blasting under pressure. It is usually carried out on elements which will be then painted or galvanised. Whenever it is necessary to get a perfectly smooth finish, it is worth considering this method.

Shot-blasting with modern methods

We use turbine devices for shot-blasting. They guarantee a very good work speed, which makes it possible to clean and prepare a large number of workpieces quickly and efficiently in the shortest possible time.

You can provide us with small as well as large parts with more complicated shapes. We will take care of everything with the utmost attention and care.

High quality of shot-blasting services

To carry out shot-blasting successfully and without any interruptions, we take care of the quality of the equipment and accessories that we work with. These are primarily blasting media and nozzles emitting compressed air under pressure. The priority is to adjust the power and angle of incidence in such a way that it effectively removes even difficult dirt but does not break the surface structure.

You are welcome to use our offer. We will be happy to answer your questions and present an individual cooperation proposal under favourable conditions. We provide both service and production, so after the initial shot-blasting treatment, we can continue working on a workpiece until it is ready to be used in the planned project. Check this option!

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