`Production, Trade and Service Compny` (`PPHU`) FORMAT exists on the market since 1998.

With nearly twenty years of experience we are able to meet all expectations of our customers.

We have an extensive machine park dedicated for cutting sheet metal up to 100 mm and bending of profiles up to 8,000 mm.

We are known as a solid and reliable company – taking care of the quality of our products and the quality of service.


During our work we are focused on the best quality of our services.

We ascertain that our machines allow us to maintain the high quality of products.

We are taking care of the development of our offer, we are expanding our capabilities and continue expanding factory.

Thanks to such a policy we can be proud of cooperation with many well-known companies on the Polish market from the steel industry.

P.P.H.U. Format Robert Reisner
ul. Fabryczna 16
64-840 Budzyń

tel/fax: (67) 28 44 372

NIP: 766 159 17 40